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10 July 2009




Advertisement No. 6 / 2009

Applications are invited for the following posts so as to reach the Deputy Registrar (Estt.) for Sr. Nos. I to V and Assistant Registrar (Estt.) for Sr. Nos. VI to XXIII, Panjab University, Chandigarh by 27th July 2009

I. PROFESSOR-cum-PRINCIPAL –1 (Grade Rs. 18600 –22100 + NPA as per rules) at Dr. H.S.
Judge Institute of Dental Sciences & Hospital

II. PROFESSORS – 51 (Grade Rs. 18600-22100+ NPA as per rules for Dental Institute and Rs.16400-22400 for other departments) in the following Departments/Centres/ Institute:

Chemical Engineering & Technology (Food & Technology) -1 (SC)

Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)–1 (SC)

University Institute of Engineering & Technology – 18

Information Technology- 4 ( Gen-3, SC-1)

Computer Science & Engineering - 2

Electrical & Electronics Engineering-3(Gen.-2, ST-1)

Electronics & Communication Engineering-3(Gen.-2, SC-1)

Mechanical Engineering-3 (Gen.-2, SC-1)

III. READERS – 90 (Grade Rs. 14300-18150 +NPA as per rules for Dental Institute and Rs. 12000- 18300 for other departments) in the following Departments/Centres/Institute:

Centre for Emerging Area in Science & Technology - 7

Medical Physics-1

Nuclear Medicine-1 (ST)

Nano Science & Nano-Tech-1

Chemical Engineering & Technology

Mechanical Engineering) -1 (SC)

Computer Science & Applications –2 (Gen.-1, SC-1)

Geology-1 (SC)

Mathematics –2 (SC-1, ST-1)

National Centre for Human Genome Studies & Research –1

S.S.Giri P.U. Regional Centre, Hoshiarpur - 5

Electrical & Communication Engineering – 2 (SC)

Computer Science & Applications (for MCA -1)

University Centre for Instrumentation & Microelectronics (Instrumentation) –1

University Institute of Engineering & Technology – 39

Computer Science & Engineering-7 (Gen.-5, SC-1, ST-1)

Electrical & Electronics Engineering-6 (Gen.-5, SC-1)

Electronics & Communication Engineering-8 (Gen.-7, SC-1)

Mechanical Engineering-6 (Gen.-5, SC-1)

Information Technology-7 (Gen-5, SC-1, ST-1)

V. LECTURERS – 225 (Grade Rs. 8000-275-13500) in the following Departments / Centres/Institute:

Centre for Emerging Areas in Science & Technology – 14

Nuclear Medicine-2 (Gen.-1, SC-1)

Nanoscience & Nanotechnology-2 (ST-1)

Medical Physics-2

Chemical Engineering & Technology- 9 (5: Gen.-4, ST-1)

Physics-1 (PH for Locomotor Disability)

Organic Chemistry-1 (ST)

Physical Chemistry-1 (SC)

Mechanical Engineering & Technology - 1(SC)


Physical Chemistry –1 (ST)

Industrial Chemistry-1(ST)

Organic Chemistry-1

Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry-1

Computer Science & Applications-5 {(Gen.-1, For MCA Programme in Evening shift-4 (Gen.-2, SC-1, ST-1)

Geology -4 (Gen.-1, SC-2, ST-1)

Mathematics -3 (Gen.-1, SC-1, ST-1)

National Centre for Human Genome Studies & Research –1

Physics –5 {Physics-2 (SC-1, ST-1)

Experimental Nuclear Physics-1 (SC)

P.U.R.C. Muktsar -2 (Law-1(ST), Computer Science & Applications-1(SC))

S.S. Giri P.U. Regional Centre, Hoshiarpur – 17

Computer Science & Applications –4 (for MCA)

Computer Science & Engineering-2 (SC-1, ST-1)

Electronics & Communication Engineering - 2

Mechanical Engineering-1

Electrical & Electronics Engineering-1(ST)

Chemistry/Applied Chemistry-2

Statistics -2 (SC-1, ST-1)

University Business School-5 {(ST-1, Human Resource Management-2, Economics-1(ST), Computer Science & Applications-1}

University Centre for Instrumentation & Microelectronics (Microelectronics) –1

University Institute of Applied Management Sciences – 9

Hospital Management-1(ST)

Infrastructure Management-1(SC)

IT & Telecommunication-1

Pharmaceutical Management-1

University Institute of Engineering & Technology- 27

Information Technology-7 (Gen.-3, SC-2, ST-2)

Computer Science & Engineering-5 (Gen.-2, SC-2, ST-1)

Electrical & Electronics Engineering-3 (Gen.-1, SC-1, ST-1)

Electronics & Communication Engineering-1 (ST)

Mechanical Engineering-3 (Gen.-2, ST-1)

Mathematics/Applied Mathematics- 2 (Gen.-1, SC-1)

Physics/Applied Physics-2 (Gen.-1, SC-1)

Chemistry/Applied Chemistry-3 (Gen.-2, ST-1)

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